Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Warning Letter To America

I just read a very good blog that was full of truth. I would like to highly recommend that you step over to The Opinionator and have a read. It's called "A Warning Letter To America" and sadly, America needs a warning letter. We could probably do with a warning kick in the ass but I fear we'll have one soon enough.

Here is the link to The Opinionator's "A Warning Letter To America."

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Anonymous said...

Additionally, why is she "anxious" for a check up? I have insurance and don't go to see a doctor unless there is a problem. I am healthy, exercise, and eat right. Unless there is something wrong, there is no need for a doctor. Just such cases as her, who go to the doctor because they are "anxious", are a cause of the expanding health care costs. Combined with her voluntary sexual activity, and there you have it. Some people are sucking up health care for no real reason.

Also notice that she went to Oakland from Contra Costa County that had the good idea to cut out benefits for illegals like her.

I am certain that this was the typical planted story and was designed to help bring illegals into the new system, but it might have the opposite effect.