Thursday, August 6, 2009

People Questioning Lawmakers & Dillinger Questioning Voting "Rights"

A rowdy Arkansas crowd heckling and mocking lawmakers? Seems like a good start to something productive. I am seeing more and more instances where people are actually standing up and not just saying "I would prefer if you please not do that to me" and then lying down while they have it done to them. Instead they are actually making things difficult for the Socialists who are trying to screw them. If I didn't know better, I might have the slightest bit of hope for America.

The debate once again is Obamacare. Everybody has heard of it by now and anybody who reads my blog probably reads like blogs and knows exactly what it entails. If you agree with Obamacare let me just first say that I hate you, you socialist bastard. Having said that. The true point of my writing this isn't so much the article itself, which was about citizens in Arkansas who are in opposition to Obamacare, getting rowdy with congressmen. This is why I have a little bit of hope, not enough to make me feel better, but a little bit. I fear that angry citizens with pitch-forks and torches are probably the only thing that is actually going to sway these congressmen and other "representatives" to do what they're paid to do.

There was yet another thing that stood out to me in that particular article. This point actually stands out quite readily to me. The point is this. Why is it always the college kids who agree with Obama. Since the start, the ones who agree with Obama no matter what dumbass shit he does are the college kids.

"I'm a huge Obama fan," college student Jacob Kauffman told the crowd, which responded with a smattering of applause and a few chants of "Get a job."

Kauffman continued, "I was mad at (Ross and Snyder) for not standing up for stronger health care reform. But after seeing this crowd tonight, I'm pleased with seeing what you have done. I'd rather have you two overlook my health care plan than any private insurance bureaucrat any day."

Get a job indeed! What the fuck do you know about health care Jacob Kauffman? You probably are still on your parents insurance, you probably pay nothing, you probably have no concern or experience with it at all and you think you know what's best? The clincher is the fact that he says he would rather have the government overlooking health care than private companies. We all know how well the government takes care of everything it oversees. I could go find thousands of examples but we all can think of a few. Ever been to the DMV? How was the service? Ever been to a post office on a busy day or in a big city? How was the service? Ever seen the cost of a government contracted job? Ever actually worked in a position to see where than money goes? I have, usually they could cost an average of 1/2 the price if the government cared if anything ran correctly. Jacob Kauffman you don't know shit about shit.

This is why I propose that they need to do one of two things. Raise the voting age. Because I know far too many people, most of them young, who voted for Obama simply because he said he wanted to change (something, anything, they didn't know or really care what as long as it was different) and because he was black and the cool thing to do was vote for the black man. The older, more experienced and learned folks who have actually lived and experienced and therefore have something to base opinions on are largely voting the opposite direction. Of course the Democrats will say that it is because the younger are more open minded and the older lean more toward the racist side. The truth is that the young are indoctrinated by liberal colleges and are largely lacking experience and therefore are easy to brainwash. They are technically "educated" and they know it, they just aren't educated in the subject at hand and this poses a major problem.

Helping others through ineffective socialist means seem like a good idea and the right thing to do and the destructive side isn't readily apparent unless you know the subject a bit. These people usually aren't educated in this and they gravitate in that direction. Because of Bush and his incompetence and corruption among his regime they gravitated with devastating efficiency this time but they did so for all the wrong reasons. The vast majority of people I know, friends, colleagues, and friends of friends, in my age demographic voted for Obama. The overwhelming majority, I'm confident in saying at least 80% knew almost nothing about politics nor did they care. Obama was "better than Bush and McCain is just another Bush". Stupid, this sort of mindset is ludicrous. Voting should not be a right, it should be a responsibility and if you take on that responsibility it should come with the requirement that you first educate yourself about the decision you are helping to make.

So how do I justify raising the voting a age? Most 18 year olds are simply not educated or mentally mature enough nowadays to make an educated and reasonable opinion on such things. If they are they are few and far between. Kids just aren't forced to grow up as fast as they used to. If you disagree with raising the voting age then fine, I'm sure there are arguments. My other suggestion and in my opinion, the even better suggestion is this. Before you can be allowed to cast a vote, in any election, you must first pass an intelligence test or present a score from a passed intelligence test (maybe IQ test, maybe something developed for this purpose, to be decided later) that shows you have the ability to use the reason necessary to assist in choosing the leaders of this country. Some people simply are too stupid to make a rational choice and they should not have a say in who becomes president. Do school administrators let the students choose the school operational hours? Hell no they don't, that would be retarded. This is the same idea.

Once you've passed the intelligence test and have qualified for step one to vote then you should have to take a reasonably sized test to determine if you actually have a working awareness of the major issues at hand. Too many people don't know the majority of the stances each candidate has on the majority of the issues. Too many people simply know that "this guy opposes abortion" or "this guy is for gay marriage" or "this guy loves jesus" and they do too! There are many people who will vote because of only one or two issues that they're aware of when they may vote differently if they had a better understanding. Or, better yet, they may demand actual change to the system and better choices when they find out that the Republican and the Democratic candidates turn out to be basically the same wolf dressed like a different lamb. Too many people simply just don't have a clue what it is that they're crusading for until their crusade actually comes to fruition and the fruit tastes like shit. I do not like being forced to eat the shitty fruit you planted simply because you didn't feel like researching the type of seeds before you buried them.

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