Friday, August 21, 2009

The Real Islam

Islam shows it's true colors yet again. It's proof that we are "infidel" and will continue to be so whether in their country or amongst them in our own. I'd like to thank the Goomba News Network for finding this gem for me.

Wake up America, they will never bend to our rules, they will continue to abuse and play the victim until we've crumbled under theirs. Stand up now or you will kneel at the feet of Islam. I am absolutely ashamed that the country our forefathers fought to forge is being placed as a sacrament at the feet of these animals.


Anonymous said...

This angers me beyond belief!!!!! I know it was in the United States but still refuse to believe it. I shouldn't refuse to believe it, since they tried verbally harassing a speaker brought in by a group I belonged to when I was in college.

The Young Oligarch said...

Nice blog Dillinger 737 .

I've seen that video before and their attitude doesn't surprise me . We've got quite a few of them in my neck of the woods (in the hated Scotland) and they're similar slimy low-life .

Saw your comments on Rantin Rab .

I agree with you 100% . Most Scots would have been happy to see him swing after the trial .

Rab , however , is trying to make light of the whole thing as it's so mind-bogglingly terrible .

Gallows humour .

Remember , the Scots are on your side . We lash out when we think people are having a go at us (hence some of the comments people are making on blogs) , but we're still as close friends as you're going to get .

As for the numpty MacAskill and the SNP government who let Megrahi go , well , they could very well be gone by this time tomorrow . Parliament has been recalled during the summer holidays and these guys don't have a majority - they're just the biggest party .

New government , perhaps ?

Will be looking in from now on . Keep up the good work .

Dillinger737 said...

I assure you my friend that I hold no ill will toward the Scottish people. You may or may not have seen my final comment on Rab's blog. I was certainly not agreeing with the whole boycott Scotland sentiment. Governments often do things that are not representative of some, many, and even the majority of the people they are supposed to represent. You may have also noticed that as usual I got pegged at the "typical stupid American" as happens all too often if one holds an opinion misinterpreted as hostile. I suspected that there were many who would hold feeling similar to mine which is why I commented. Thank you for the comment and thank you for the support.

The Young Oligarch said...

It was because of the feeding frenzy of emotion that I decided to look up your blog and post here .

I've posted on my own blog about what I think the rationale behind MacAskill's decision was . I'll stick up another few post on various aspects of the affair over the next few days . You might be interested .

I've found the whole blame-game and trading of insults very tiring , so it could be a few days before I get round to it .

This has so much potential to de-rail the war for civilisation (of which the war against terror is only one front) that it scares me . It's turning into the cowboys fighting the cavalry with the home-steaders firing at both .

Not good .

Time for bed , even for an insomniac .