Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama Predicts The Passing of His Healthcare Plan

I love translating news stories and providing foot notes so that it's easier for everybody. I feel like I'm providing a much needed public service. So, on that note, here's another.

On a visit to Mexico, our Marxist Ruler Barack Obama recently predicted that Congress would pass his impending disaster of a health care plan this fall after more "sensible and reasoned arguments" prevail. But he said immigration changes, another politically explosive subject, would have to wait until next year.

Those more "sensible and reasoned arguments" don't actually require sense or reason, they do, in fact, require the complete lack of either. Sense and reason in this case, translate to willing obedience and unquestioning loyalty to the American Bolshevic Party ideals (Democrats). Immigration "changes" will have to wait. Those aren't important anyway, no Mexicans come across our borders illegally anyhow. Even if they did they wouldn't do it just to pop out a baby within our border so they could stay, or otherwise put a strain on our healthcare system so there are no worries about that.

The glorious leader also defended U.S. efforts to help restore Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, who was recently ousted coup. He said critics of his policy in Honduras smacked of "hypocrisy," faulting the United States for being too heavy-handed in Latin America and yet telling him he has not intervened enough in this instance.

If you do some research on the history of socialism and communism, you will quickly find that it eventually requires that everybody be included. The removal of the Honduran leader is the removal of a socialist leader. Thus, the need for Obama to intervene in order to restore as well as the call (by other socialist leaders) for Obama to step up.

Obama spoke at a news conference with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, where he confronted questions on both his foreign and domestic agendas, from drugs in Mexico to the testy health care fight at home.

Mexican officials from the top down are generally too corrupt to fix any of their own problems. Thus, the discussion which is constant in America about fixing it for them. Socialists help one another.

The president did not directly mention the outbursts and tempers disrupting town halls on health care around the country. Republicans are pointing to them as signs of public dissatisfaction with Obama's health care efforts, while Democrats have accused Republicans of trying to sabotage the democratic discussion.

This is actually a really interesting statement. "The Republicans are trying to sabotage democratic discussion." I haven't seen a single town hall meeting yet where the Democrats wanted "democratic discussion." What they wanted and it's obvious if you simply watch some of them, was for the time to be used by them to talk about their ideas (to try to convince us). Any time democratic discussion reared it's ugly head the Liberal goons beat it dead with blunt force trauma. Then, like good Marxist goons (or 5 year old children), they proceed to spew propaganda about how it was the Republicans trying to disrupt things. Yes, the Republicans are trying to disrupt things. They're trying to use their democratic right to vote down something they don't agree with but the Bolsheviks don't agree that they should have that right. So, instead, they throw the first punches and when the Conservatives fight back they scream and cry about how "he hit me!"

Obama said "I suspect that once we get into the fall and people look at the actual legislation that's being proposed, that more sensible and reasoned arguments will emerge, and we're going to get this passed."

It's good to see he's properly delusional.

Obama backed Calderon and his efforts to take on drug cartels during a spiraling war on drugs and guns. Washington is debating whether to withhold money to help fight the powerful cartels because of allegations that the Mexican military has been guilty of human rights abuses.

This actually comes out of the Liberal Rule Book. This is one of the more important rules listed actually. Rule #6 in the Liberal Rule Book states. "It is very important that when you are fighting for something, especially if you are fighting in dangerous circumstances such as war, you must handicap yourself as much so as possible by enacting rules upon yourselves that the enemy will not have to comply with." For example, if you are in a fist fight you will want to cut off both of your arms before you begin. If you are fighting against hostile and armed parties who want to kill you, you should fight them with love and kindness.

You must give them liberties that they would not give you. You should show them mercy that they would not show you. You should release their prisoners back into their ranks while they behead yours. You must never allow collateral damage. You may never attack if you know there is any chance that an "innocent" could be harmed, even if that innocent may be a disguised enemy. You may not even attack in these circumstances if it will bring victory for your cause. If you are in a firefight and the enemy uses a woman as a human shield then you must immediately put down your weapon and allow him to shoot you, it is better than accidentally hitting the woman.

Obama said he had great confidence that under Calderon "human rights will be observed."

That's good Obama, stick to that! Under Obama and his human rights, we'll win that war on the cartels. I predict complete victory by 2010, no later than the 5th of never.

Calderon said the Mexican government has an "absolute and categorical" commitment to human rights.

Targeting the long and painful recession, Obama said that he and the other two leaders agreed to take "aggressive, coordinated action" to restore growth across North America.

They just failed to mention that the growth they're going to restore is the growth of the Latino immigrant community until they reach their goal of diluting the American voter pool enough to create the United Socialist States of Canimeximerica.

Noting the huge trading partnership among the three neighbors, Obama said that commerce must be expanded, not restricted.

Which will conveniently help more businesses to cheaply move additional industry across the borders where labor is cheaper and ship the products back into the states free of charge and at greatly expanded profits.

Obama said that a "Buy America" provision in the giant economic stimulus package earlier this year had not hurt trade with Canada. "I do think it's important to keep this in perspective," he said. "This in no way has endangered the billions of dollars in trade taking place between our two countries."

I know this is true because nearly everything I own says "Made In Canada." Well maybe not everything... or anything. What exactly do we get from Canada? What exactly does Canada do except shiver and provide shoddy socialist healthcare?

Harper rallied behind Obama on Honduras. "If I were an American, I would be really fed up with this kind of hypocrisy," he said.

Cough Cough Karl Marx Cough.

Obama said his administration has been clear in its view that Zelaya was forced out of his post illegally, and he said the U.S. is working with international bodies to send that message. "If these critics think that it's appropriate for us to suddenly act in ways that in every other context they consider inappropriate, then I think what that indicates is that maybe there's some hypocrisy involved in their approach to U.S.-Latin American relations," Obama said. He did not name any critics.

And yet, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad got into his post illegally and Obama will stand by and do nothing. Priorities straight... nah, we'll get that later.

Streets around the complex were sealed off by heavily armed federal agents and police in riot gear.

Just an unnecessary precaution in such a wonderful and safe utopia such as Mexico.

In a separate meeting with Calderon, Obama voiced strong support of the offensive, but Calderon expressed concerns about delays in the latest installment of U.S. aid under the $1.4 billion Merida Initiative.

Of course he's concerned, his welfare check is late, how can he get a new Presidential Mansion without it?

Calderon also pressed Obama on allowing Mexican trucks access to U.S. highways. Mexicans suggest the U.S. limits are less about safety — the stated reason — than protecting American hauling companies from competition under the NAFTA free trade accord.

That, and the fact that without it he might just get enough of his most useless people across the border into the United States to put the strain on our social systems and get it off of his own. A smart leader would build a wall and say fix your corruption, fix your problems, and then we'll talk about partnership but we haven't had a smart leader in decades.

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