Friday, August 28, 2009

Immigration, The Less Fortunate, Welfare States & Cancer

I'm going to use this as a lesson plan. I was over browsing at the All Seeing Eye and I came across this story. It took me all of about 1/2 a second to make the connection.

The Copenhagen Times ran an a poll and found that the number of people begging on the streets of Denmark has risen.

The poll shows that 70 percent of respondents have been asked for spare change in the last year.

The poll also showed that 58 percent of people believe that the number of beggars has risen in the last five years – a view that is shared by Deputy Chief Superintendent Mogens Lauridsen of the Copenhagen Police.

‘After the expansion of the EU in 2007, we saw a noticeable influx of beggars from Eastern European countries,’ Lauridsen said to Politiken newspaper.
A police spokesman said street begging in Copenhagen had developed a seasonal trend and in summer, it was usually Romanian woman with children doing it.

Even though people believe there are more beggars, they are less inclined to hand over money according to the poll, in which 12 percent said they would give money to a beggar.

Reasons for avoiding handing over spare change included not wanting to feel pressured into doing so and not wanting to contribute to alcoholism. Some believed it was the state’s responsibility to look after the disadvantaged.

I especially like the part about it being "the state's responsibility." I won't claim to know much about how their state is run but if it's anything like ours, the person who said that is such a fucking retard I'm surprised he/she remembers to breathe. If the state pays for it, you pay for it dumbass. Where the hell do you think the state gets it's money.

I ask that you please excuse me if you are not one of the retards. If you get the concept of what I am about to say already then this is not intended for you. I am going to break this down for you in the most efficient manner that I can.

Every country has it's own system and within that system there are going to be varying classes of people. Even in a communist society this will inevitably occur, it is human nature. When you have loose borders people will travel freely between the above stated countries. When some of those people from the "less fortunate" classes within one country eventually realize that things are simply not working out within their own country they will seek opportunities elsewhere. Occasionally these people are "less fortunate" due to no fault of their own and the grass will actually turn out to be greener for them in another pasture.

Usually the "less fortunate" are so because of their own failures. Usually it is not solely the country but the ethics and or attitudes of the individuals. These attitudes and ethics which are ingrained in the people will then be carried over to the new host country. It's very hard to teach an old dog new tricks. What inevitably happens is that these people travel to a new country and carry on the same bad habits that got them into that situation in the first place, into the new country and their situation stays the same. The only thing that will change is the strain on the new host country to care for those who couldn't manage to care for themselves no matter what country they are in.

Open borders is a nice thought but all that it will lead to in the end is the disease spreading like a cancer across the borders and systematically destroying countries like it destroys bodily systems until there is a total breakdown. The only way to control the spread is to control the borders and watch who is crossing them. We're seeing it occurring in Europe, we're seeing it in the UK, we're seeing it in the U.S., and there is nobody to blame but spreading socialism and political correctness.

You simply cannot help everybody no matter how much you may want to. I liken this a helicopter in flight. If you could place people onto said helicopter in mid flight you could only do so for a certain period of time. Assuming that the vehicle had infinite room in it, which it does not, you would eventually reach the weight limit. Not everybody in the vehicle is serving a purpose, many are simply dead weight. Eventually the crew of the helicopter (who are causing it to stay in flight), in this case the taxpayers, are going to have to realize that altitude is quickly being lost and the ground is rising. They're going to have to say "that's it, no more passengers. If the crew does not stand up for themselves and say "you know what, if your own helicopter will not fly, you need to fix it so it does because you cannot all pile on ours." If they don't, they will find themselves crashing and grounded, or worse, just like the one from which the immigrants emigrated.

The situation in the United States is a perfect example and the idiot Obama is making his best attempt to make it worse. Our own citizens, the ones who would prefer to collect welfare than to work. Criminals, praying off of the public and then being supported by the prison systems for years, even decades. Severely mentally incompetent with nobody to support them are living in asylums on the taxpayer dime. Mexicans crossing into our borders in droves are dragging us all down. Our helicopter is fully loaded and it cannot take any more passengers. When are we going to realize this?

As for Mexicans, yes, some are here and working productively and that's fine, as long as they go through the correct channels and get here legally. I've worked with plenty of Mexicans in my time and the majority of them were great people, hard workers, and far better for the country than many who were born here. Mexicans themselves are not the issue. Legality is the issue. The greater majority are not here legally and for that reason they don't have legal jobs, they don't make enough to support their often large families, they have no healthcare, and the taxpayers are footing the bill. Obama wants to present them with amnesty and yet there are not enough jobs available for roughly 10% of those who are legal residents of the country. This presents what should be an obvious problem.

I won't even get into the problem with Islam but this one follows this same framework. They come to our countries and they want to keep their same ways about things and ideals that have kept their own home countries in the dark ages. This should be absolutely unacceptable and yet many welcome it with open arms. Our country in particular got to where it is because immigrants originally came from other countries wanting to leave their old one behind and start something new, not Islam, they want to drag us down with them.

What I want to know is when will the United States learn, when will the UK learn, when will the world learn that these are problems that cannot be remedied, they must be contained in the countries that allow them to start in the first place until they work themselves out. In many cases problem is not Mexicans in general or Eastern Europeans in general, (with Islam the problem is Islam so therefore it is Muslims but that's a different story), the problem isn't usually the countries in general but the types of people who are leaving those countries and coming to ours. They're looking for handouts to begin with and they show up because they know they'll get them in the countries they're going to. Mankind got to the position we used to be in by letting natural selection sort things out. Mankind got into the problems we have today by obtaining the arrogant attitude that we are so great and so powerful that we can circumvent all of the rules that allow nature and allow societies to function in a healthy manner and eventually it's going to have to stop. If we don't stop it in time I assure you, this is a cancer from which there will be no recovery.

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Teresa said...

Excellent article and analysis of what a F*cked up system the U.S. and a few other countries have. These liberal moonbats don't realize that there is absolutely NO FREE LUNCH!!! The taxpayer will be stuck with paying the bill, always. The border between Mexico and U.S. must be closed. We are overrun with illegals and other people, and as you said our unemployment for legals is close to 10%. People need to start getting off their lazy a$$es, take responsibility, and do some freaking work and then they'll make some money. No govt. or people can take care of absolutely everyone who needs it. That unfortunately is just a fact of life.