Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Go Ahead, Call Me Irrational, But

I just saw a commercial that made me wonder. Many have been condemned for making similar statements before me but then again when has that stopped me before? The commercial was for and I missed part of it so I had to go see what it was. The whole point is trying to get donations and selling crap to make money to send medication to Africa to treat AIDS patients.

Now correct me if I'm wrong and I know some of you Liberal types will have a brilliant and well thought out argument. If we give them medication to treat AIDS that keeps them alive longer, are they not just going to continue to spread the disease like a California forest fire? These people think some children are shape shifting witches who turn into goats and steal penises. We can't get them to use condoms and you sure as shit aren't going to get them to stop having sex. We can't manage to keep them from starving to death because the land already can't sustain the current population. The majority of the continent doesn't even have functioning governments. Children run around with AK-47s in 1/3 of the countries there like children here ride bicycles, and you're going to successfully fight AIDS? Yeah, good luck with that hippies.

I personally will only donate money if it is guaranteed to go towards the quarantine of the entire continent to prevent anybody from either coming or going until that shithole sorts itself out. Talk about throwing money down the toilet. Don't you do-gooder cocksuckers see that your own country has plenty of it's own problems to get sorted out first, including it's own AIDS epidemic. This is like an alcoholic, wife-beating man teaching a family counseling seminar!


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