Friday, August 7, 2009

Obama & His Brown Shirts Are Coming To Town & Calling For Support

Greetings Comrades! I must ask that you please click on the thumbnail below and read and important message for you. The motherland needs you. Your glorious leader, Vladimir Ilyich Obama and Mother America herself are being viciously attacked by political dissidents who want nothing more than to destroy the change you have all worked so hard to facilitate.


They're spreading lies! Stirring up fear! We must band together, hold our lines and fight them!


They're going to destroy your way of life, they don't want the poor to have healthcare!


If you aren't vigilant they will be triumphant!


We are the new generation! We are the educated ones! We know what is best for everyone! Stand together! Stand proud! Do not back down from the goal!


No cowards! Anybody who turns and runs will be shot! Oh shit, too soon for that part? Ok, scratch this last part, forget we ever said it. You have nothing to fear from the right Comrades. Garafalo-beast will protect you by spitting poisonous hatred in the eyes of the dissenters.


This message has been approved by myself. Keep in mind kiddies, the koolaid may look fine to you but some of us see what they're mixing in it.

P.S. Watch out for the race card, it's sharp and they will not hesitate to cut you with it.

This is Comrade Dillinger signing out.


Anonymous said...

Man, how about some warning!! That last photo will keep me up all night.

Dillinger737 said...

It is frightening isn't it.