Friday, August 21, 2009

"Racist Attack" on Muslim Mosque

I'm REEEEALLY starting to like the French.

Muslims in a town in eastern France were shocked by a racist attack on their mosque which was sprayed with racist graffiti and defaced with pieces of pork.

The attack on the mosque in Toul is believed to have taken place in the early hours of Wednesday. It was daubed with inscriptions saying "France for the French", "Here it's Nazi" and "Don't touch my pig," along with Nazi swastikas.

"This is an act of cowardice," said Nurdin Hamza, head of the local Maghrebi association.

Is it really? I guess who but a Muslim to know about acts of cowardice, they do practically get included in the definition.

"Whether it is a mosque or a church, a synagogue, a Buddhist temple, or any other public place, we will always condemn this sort of act."

Yet it's funny, if you google "Muslims Attack Church(es)" or "Muslims Attack Christians" you'll find all sorts of articles about that and you don't seem to hear all that many Muslims speaking up.

Two youths in their 20s were arrested hours after the vandalism, French television said, giving no other information. According to the police, the youths were caught spraying swastikas onto the wall of a kebab restaurant in a nearby town.

Sarkozy contacted the head of the French Muslim Council, Mohammed Moussaoui, to express his "indignation" and promised to "ensure those responsible are punished", the president's office said.

It's quite interesting how Western cultures are expected to reign in and punish our "radicals" who attack Muslims and yet Muslims do nothing more than spout hollow words that are barely disagreeable when the attacks are the other way around. I think it's reasonable to say that when Muslims start standing up and controlling their own radicals and working with us to do so, then we'll talk. Until this happens, I say Islam is finally beginning to reap what it has sewn and they can fuck off and deal with it or get the hell out. These assholes should be happy the petty vandals don't take their "attacks" to the same level Muslim radicals do and walk into the middle of a prayer and blow them all up. I would personally buy these blokes a beer.

At least it would appear that some French remember their history and look toward the future. Considering that this is one of the first countries occupied by one of the most horrific regimes the world has known (besides of course, oh, say, the caliphate) it's not surprising that they're beginning to recognize that history repeats itself if allowed. I hope the French people continue to stand up and fight and I sincerely hope the rest of Europe does as well.

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