Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Book

I recently said I would start posting notable books that I read. This one I just couldn't help putting on here because of it's subject and ridiculousness.


This particular book basically told of the origins of the Qur'an and all it's beginnings. This book was a rather irritating attempt at making an idiotic religion based as much around violence as anything else seem like it was in fact a good thing. He managed to strategically leave out pretty much all of the details that make Islam look bad. When the author did put in any information that could cast Islam in a negative light he made his best attempt to apologetically explain it away with hypothetical and general spin to turn it around. He even talked about Bin Laden and tried to explain why he was basically not following Islam at all but his own psychotic and totally made up views. I find this funny since he seems to have so many followers and so few who will outright oppose him in any way. This book is as ridiculous as the religion it is attempting to explain. Anybody who has read the Qur'an and then this book and goes in with any sort of background knowledge and ability to reason will inevitably come out with the same view I did... unless you are a Muslim. Muhammad is nothing more than a megalomaniac created by failure in a world full of violence and anger. Ridiculed by his own family, he stole most of his ideas from the Torah and the Gospel and twisted and mangled it into something that suited himself. Obviously, like any other religion, it was created in a time when voices in your head could be turned into "messages from God," Muhammad gained a following as a prophet simply because people didn't know enough to know better. If you attempt to cast a mentally ill man and his writings based on delusions of grandeur in a positive light via writing you get this piece of garbage book. If you're into religious history, especially about Islam, I do recommend this book simply for a good laugh.

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