Thursday, June 25, 2009

Clandestine Ploys By Your Government To Boost Revenue

Here are two interesting little facts that you won't find in the local news. Residents of Pennsylvania should probably be aware of these. I'm going to admit that you should take this with a grain of salt and for the sake of source anonymity I cannot divulge my sources. I have been told by two reliable sources of these two brand spanking new money making schemes by our wonderful government.

The first one is this.

Many people go under the assumption that the Pennsylvania State Police will usually not pull you over and if they do, often will not fine a driver going less than 10 miles per hour above the posted speed limit and that they aren't even allowed to pull you over unless it's more than 5 to allow for margin of error.

Not the case anymore if it ever was. Set your cruise control and stick to the speed limit or Five-0 will be all up in your ass. The state is so broke that in a ploy to make money the old fashioned way... by fucking the citizenry... officers have been instructed to pull over and fine drivers exceeding the speed limit by 3 miles per hour or more. Also you'll want to remember that in construction zones it's double the ass raping.

Seems like a great plan since everybody is out of work, desperate, and poor already, why not push them right over the edge by fining them upwards of $125 to $300 for some half-ass reason. We all know there is absolutely no other crime in this state that could use solving.

Consider yourself having been warned, beware.


My next warning comes in the form of another government agency, the Federal Post Office.


If you decide to mail a package any time soon you're going to want to double check the rates they try to charge you for the service. My source specifically told the post employee to mail it the cheapest route possible "parcel post" and they completely ignored said source and began placing priority mail stickers on the packages until they were caught red handed. Everybody knows that priority mail is significantly more expensive and I can tell you for a fact that you don't receive much additional effort for your money.

When caught the post office employee was told that if they can get away with it they are supposed to place priority on all packages that are not clearly specified (apparently some that are clearly specified if they can sneak it in behind your back) in an attempt to make more money for their broke asses. It seems there is no form of deception our government will not stoop to in an effort to fund the Democratic penchant for ridiculously wasteful spending and you my friends are the unwitting target so watch yourselves.

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