Monday, June 8, 2009

Idiotic News

Here's some random news that was really too short to post alone so I put them together in one post.

Ms. Nour Hadad, 26, was arrested in Orland Park, Ill., in April and charged with (and, according to police, confessed to) beating her 2-year-old niece to death while baby-sitting, and, as usual, police publicly released her booking photograph. However, Hadad's husband, Alaeddin, immediately complained that her photo, without her head scarf, was an "insult" to Islam. Said a Muslim activist, "They should respect the modesty of the accused."
[Southtown Star (Chicago), 4-10-09]

Ooorrrrr Mr. Hadad can fuck off and take his Muslim activists with him. You're in the United States not Iran and we are not a Muslim country. If you want your live by your generally laughable rules of your completely ridiculous religion then take your ass back to Iraq or wherever the fuck you came from. The dumb bitch gave up her right modesty when she beat the child to death! She isn't going to have her head cover when she's getting molested by bulldykes in the can so what's it matter in her picture?


Defense attorney John Garcia convinced a jury in Merced, Calif., in May that his client was not guilty of the "forcible rape with great bodily injury" of an 18-year-old woman in 2004, despite the fact that only his client's DNA-identified semen was present, mixed with the victim's blood, on the shorts she wore at the crime scene. Client Daniel Saldana's story was that he had previously had sex with his own girlfriend in the house where the rape occurred and that the girlfriend might have left her shorts on the floor and that the rape victim might have mistakenly put them on after the "other" man raped her.
[Merced Sun-Star, 5-6-09]

The jury is obviously proof that society is fucked. How does anybody convince anybody of that story? I'll tell you, people with very low IQ's who don't want to be in court come to consensus so they don't lose any more pay at McDonald's for the week. As for the attorney, that's just further proof that lawyers are the scum of the earth and should be banished to Mars. I hope as Mr. Garcia crosses the road he gets hit by a bicycle which knocks him into a storm drain. I hope he twists his ankle in the storm drain and breaks it.

I hope he stumbles back into the street and gets swiped by a car and then staggers back off the road where he sits directly on the spike of an old iron fence. I hope it takes a welder to cut the fence so medics can get him to the hospital for emergency surgery to remove the barbed fence from his anus but a drunk doctor switches his chart and he also gets a sex change operation. I hope he's forced to live as a depressed, drug addicted tranny lawyer for 2 years. I hope he is then confronted by his former client one night at a karaoke bar and violently raped. It would be great if our justice system worked, even a little bit would be better than nothing.

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