Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who Gets To Drive? Me? Or Me?

How do you know that you are tired when you're driving and that you should stop. I have a way. When you're driving and conscious but every now and then you go into a hallucination for lack of a better word (half awake half asleep frame of mind). I know where I am, I know I'm driving, I'm still seeing the road, but it is more of a dream than reality. In half of my mind I'm driving. In the other half of my mind (conscious? unconscious?) I'm arguing right to drive with myself.

Note: This Is Not Me

I'm standing in a dark room across a bank style counter from myself. I am dealing with myself about which one of us is going to take control of the driving task that is currently taking place. I am fully inside the thoughts of the real me and I don't at all want this deal to go down. I know the real me doesn't want to drive anymore, the unconscious me does want to drive. I cannot effect the real me and I know he's soon going to concede but I can't stop him. I know the other me is the sleeping version of me, and that he cannot drive AT ALL and this is why I don't want this deal to occur. I'm waiting and watching myselves as they deal which only takes a second or two even though in that second or two several minutes have passed.

Finally, the real me gives in and hands the switches with the unconscious me. Reality kicks back in as I panic because unconscious me is inevitably going to kill both of us if this madness continues and I snap back to reality. This happens 3 times before I pull over and drink an energy drink and walk around then get back on the road. That was pretty damn freaky.


Who gives a shit that Michael Jackson is dead? Seriously, shut the fuck up about it. Why when somebody dies are they all of the sudden somebody wonderful to remember. So what if he was a great singer (debatable) at one time. That creature liked to play with little boys bums! A lot of parents can rest a little easier now that the freak is gone and less boys will wake up after a ferris wheel ride with a sore ass. Michael... you will not be missed!

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