Sunday, June 28, 2009

Homoerotic Gym?

Why do bodybuilders not realize how gay they act? Now don't get me wrong, I have no problem with being homosexual, I don't get it but then I don't get a lot of things... whatever works for you. My thing is that these guys who are usually so quick to bash gays then act the part and don't even realize it in the gym and in "contests".

Lubing up in baby oil while wearing a bright red plum smuggler and posing like a fiend on stage? Tell me that doesn't sound like an event showing gay pride? Usually I lift in my own home gym in order to avoid the freaks that frequent the gym but now and then I treat myself to the people watching and the wide array of equipment at the gym for something different. Today was one of those days.

I won't draw the story out any more than I already have. I'm minding my own business and doing a set when something catches my peripheral vision. When I finish my set I turn to find an admittedly rather large guy with his shirt pulled up to his neck surrounded by three other guys who are ogling his abs. He doesn't end it there. When he's done showing the abs to his special friends in the middle of a gym full of people he decides it's time to show his legs... all of them.

Mr. Muscle Man next pulls up his left leg of his shorts as far as he can without freeing his balls to flap in the wind and begins flexing his leg and posing for his audience. Next he pulls up the right leg and begins flexing that one. He alternates back and forth a couple times then pulls up both legs and strikes a few poses. Meanwhile his buddies are standing there like they're front row and the nudie bar.

Seriously? Seriously dude? Is the middle of the gym the best place to put on your amateur chip n dale show? You're very special I'm quite sure, but it's a fact that I and most of the others in the gym are quite unimpressed with your physique. We don't care to see that, or the tent your friends are pitching while they drool over your muscles. Put your shit away and save it for sleepovers with your special friends you self absorbed douchebag.


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