Thursday, June 25, 2009

Congratulations Moron, You're A Star!

I saw this a couple of days... or even a week or so ago and saved it. Since I hold the exposure of human retardation as a duty of the highest moral authority I simply had to comment.

A Belgian tattooist covered the face of 18 year old Kimberly Vlaminck with 56 stars. The "artist" claims she asked for all 56, she claims she only asked for 3.


Now she's crying that she "woke up to a nightmare" saying that she fell asleep while the artist was carving (I have enough tattoos to know that's basically what it is) 56 stars into her face that she did not ask for? Now, princess dumbass is suing the artist to pay £10,000 to have the stars removed from her face.

Now it is always possible that I could be wrong, it has happened before but I simply must add my piece. I've got some big tattoos and I know exactly how long it takes to do this sort of thing. I'm looking at the size of the stars on her face. First of all, there's no way in hell she fell asleep while he was doing this, it does not feel good, it's not a fucking shiatsu. Second of all, assuming it did feel good enough to fall asleep through, in the amount of time it would take to do 3 of these stars (maybe 15, 20 minutes max) she didn't even have time to fall asleep.

The artist says she agreed to the 56 stars and I believe him. A witness confirmed this same statement. She claims he "misunderstood her french and english" as well. I'm not sure of the difference between Belgian and English or French but I do know the difference between French and English and even a retard doesn't make that mistake, she's grasping at excuses.

Next... if you aren't paying full attention while this guy is working on your ass, you got what you had coming to you.


I think she should have to keep the stars and have "I'm A Retard" added on her forehead as a warning to society. I sincerely hope a judge fines her for a frivolous lawsuit but then again I know better.

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