Monday, June 29, 2009

Recession Hits Immigrants Hard?

I just read an article on MSN news that started out like this.

"Without government benefits, many feel pressure to pull up stakes and look for opportunity elsewhere."

What the fuck kind of hippie-ass-horseshit is this? Without government benefits? WITHOUT GOVERNMENT FUCKING BENEFITS THE POOR IMMIGRANTS AREN'T FREE TO MOOCH OFF THE SYSTEM?! GOOD... FUCKING GOOD! When my grandparents parents came here from their respective countries they didn't get benefits, they earned their own way with their own sweat and blood. How the hell can a news outlet even begin to justify such a ridiculous statement trying to not only condone but draw sympathy for such blatant uselessness?

The point of the article is basically this.

An "undocumented immigrant" from Mexico city complaining that he lost his job and is having to sell his shit and live with others to continue to stay here illegally.

"Us illegals, we don’t have unemployment," said Rodriguez, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico City. "If I had unemployment, I wouldn’t have had to give up the trailer."

Hispanic immigrants, chiefly those here illegally, are particularly vulnerable as the recession lingers. Without proper documentation, those out of work can’t access unemployment and other government benefits, increasing the pressure to pull up stakes and look for opportunity elsewhere. Still, many who came to the United States looking to improve their life — make money, open up opportunities for their children, help support family still in Mexico — are hardly eager to return.

Mexico "is a Third World country," said Rodriguez, who knows several who have already gone back. It’s a last resort he’s not willing to consider.

Many immigrants, are fighting hard to stay. Some, however, have already trickled back. Whether to stay or leave seems to be a question on everybody's mind.

Why the fuck should they even have a choice. If I do something illegal I'll pay dearly for it but they get away with it?

One man, an out-of-work caller originally from Mexico, expresses skepticism about the American Dream — the idea that you can come to the United States, get a job and live happily ever after. Still, he and his wife are hanging on, helped by his brother. No way are they going to leave Elkhart County and return to Mexico.

What a steaming pile of shit. This is what's wrong with our country, we care more about everybody else that we do about our own. The "American Dream" was never about freebies, it was about working hard and making a way for yourself, not being given a way. Our constant need to appease is a slap in the face to those who built this country for us. This sort of thing is absolutely deplorable. I'm almost inclined to say that I'm partially happy there's a recession if that's what it takes to get rid of our excess baggage (illegals) and set this country back on track because of socialist wannabe government officials aren't going to do it. Wake the fuck up and smell the stupidity America!

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