Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vigilante Torch Mobs Given The Go-ahead To Quell Crimes

Guinean citizens have been asked to set on fire and burn any armed robbers they catch because the country's prisons are too full.


Lawlessness in the Guinean capital city Conakry has risen in recent months, with soldiers accused of being among the main culprits of robberies and rapes.

Captain Moussa Tiegboro Camara, appointed by the military junta to oversee the fight against drugs and serious crime is asking you to burn all armed bandits who are caught red-handed committing an armed robbery," said

"The prisons are full and cannot take more people, and the situation cannot continue like that," he told a meeting of city officials, adding that residents should form self-defense committees to protect themselves against crime.

Of course, rights groups are pitching a bitch about Camara's suggestion for cutting crime.

Other than in the case that their citizens are generally as stupid as our bumbling masses, I don't see the problem with it. I'm sure they are in fact that stupid in general and it'll surely lead to collateral damage but what can you do. I think in theory it's a pretty damn good idea. I'm guessing the prospect of being set on fire by a renegade mob of foaming at the mouth vigilantes is a pretty good deterrent to committing robbery, much more so than 2 months in prison and some probation they'd likely get here.

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