Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apple Hates Babies... Hates Angry, Bitching P.C. Retards More Though

Apple landed in the center of a bitch-fest with children's groups and angry parents after approving the Baby Shaker game in the iPhone App Store on Monday. Under pressure and criticism, Apple has now removed the application from its store.

The Baby Shaker iPhone app, developed by Sikalosoft, featured multiple drawings of a baby. The player had to stop the baby from crying by shaking the phone until red X marks showed up over the baby's eyes. Baby Shaker reportedly appeared in the App Store on Monday and then was removed on Wednesday night.

"Child advocates" (religious zealots & whiny hippies) were at the core of the app's removal, claiming "the Baby Shaker game is saying that killing babies is acceptable".


Wait... so killing babies isn't acceptable? Fuck, people are a buzzkill. Oh well, there's still abortion states! (no, I wouldn't really kill a baby even though I do hate them... I would just mail it to Tahiti instead). So, instead of telling the wankers to change their pad and get on with it, Apple caved in and removed the app.

You know America, all you special groups, I have something to say to you. You, my friends, should be kicked in the balls by martial arts expert. If you don't like my sense of humor I don't give a flying fuck. If you don't like what I do, I also don't give a fuck. If you don't like what I say, I'm going to say it that much more. You worry about your life and I'll worry about mine.

I wouldn't pay .99 cents for some stupid, mindless shit like that but the fact remains that if somebody made it and somebody wants to buy it then it should be allowed. It's not physically hurting anybody and nobody who isn't already psycho is going to be convinced that the game makes it alright. Why the hell must people always push their conservative ass-clown views on everybody else. Go take a fucking shower in Chlorine gas!

Offensiveness is subjective and therefore should not be regulated. If some guy who knows every bible passage by heart and jerks off to a picture of Jesus wants to take away my right to say the word fuck, that should really have no more bearing than the fact that I want his bible taken away and burned. I hope each and every one of you crusaders for stupid shit like this die of horrific ass cancer.


See? That's funny shit! If you don't think so... oh well, I don't care, I only write for two purposes, to amuse the few and offend the masses.

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Anonymous said...

that's funny shit for sure.... I may have to use this pic!! not sure for what yet... but it needs to be shared!! rock on!