Wednesday, April 29, 2009

English Police Walk Away Looking Silly & Stupid

I find this really funny. This guy gets harassed by two incompetent police officers who call in and are told they are wrong by command as well. They then wander off as the guy rubs it in.

Unfortunately I think the law that they were trying to enforce that wasn't valid at the time has been passed since then. No filming or photographing police officers. That is a pretty good law for a state trying to go communist. Next thing is forming a Gestapo or KGB to kick the shit out of people since it won't be caught on film. If anybody who reads my blog from the UK can fill me in on summary of this particular issue I would be appreciative.


Screech said...

I don't think they are enforcing it on a normal everyday basis, just while there is trouble, and you can bet your arse it will be the "plastic plods" or Police Community Service Officers, not real coppers, just over zealous members of the public who get aroused at the power trip whilst wearing uniform, who are the ones who will try enforcing it.

Dillinger737 said...

Clarification on that one much appreciated.