Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Done Did Seen A Undenturfried Flying Object!

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. – Two New Jersey men who staged a UFO hoax will have more earthly pursuits, such as picking up trash from the side of the road.

A judge fined Chris Russo, of Morris Plains, and Joe Rudy, of Chester Township, $250 each and ordered them to perform 50 hours of community service.

Authorities say the pair triggered a flurry of 911 calls when they lit road flares tied to helium balloons and released them in central New Jersey in January and February.

The men said they did it to trick people who believe in UFOs. They posted details of their exploits on a Web site on April Fools' Day.

The prosecutor charged them with disorderly conduct, saying the balloons could have interfered with air traffic and posed a potential fire hazard.

I'm not sure we aren't going too far bringing criminal charges against these guys for tricking idiots. Could the police not have said "sure, UFO huh, we'll be right over" and then went back to their box of doughnuts? If somebody shoots off a bottle rocket and I happen to be mentally deficient enough to think that it's the beginning of a Chinese invasion does that make it his fault? If somebody makes crop circles and I happen to be insane enough to think it's a sign from the gods to go on some sort of fucked up rampage, does that make it their fault? Here we go again! Put the blame where the blame belongs.

If some yokel with a 75 IQ, three teeth, 12 kids, and a wife who was immediate family BEFORE the marriage see's a UFO then we've already pinpointed the problem without bringing criminal charges on the guy who turned on his porch light. Nobody got hurt and the longer we protect the idiotic masses in this country the dumber we get as a whole.

It isn't their fault that people are actually stupid enough to not only believe that these are probably space vehicles but they believe it enough to call 911. These are the type of people who consider calling 911 when the girl at the McDonald's drive-through refuses to give them 75 packs of ketchup instead of 74 or they don't get as much shrimp as they would like in their rice.


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