Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stupid + Gasoline = Homeless People

Since I'm on the subject of people who should be "shipped away" "to live on a farm where they can be happy and roam free." They'll be happier there I promise, they can play with the chickens and chase the cows just like my favorite dog when I was a kid. My parents used to tell me how he loved he farm but it was too far to visit. It'll be lovely! Aaaaanyhow!

CHILTON, Wis. – A man faces an arson charge after telling authorities he wasn't thinking when he decided to use gasoline for cleaning up his apartment, and then tossed a lit cigarette into a pile of gas-soaked cushions and clothes. A criminal complaint filed Monday quoted a 47-year-old man as saying he knew gasoline is flammable and never should have used it.

The complaint said that when the fire began Friday, he didn't pull the fire alarm but instead shouted "fire" a couple times and walked to the Menasha police department for an ambulance to take him to the hospital where he was treated for burns.

Firefighters said the blaze extensively damaged the apartment and caused heavy smoke damage throughout the building, putting tenants of 11 other units out of their homes.

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They should have taken him back and thrown him back into the fire to finish the job. I have no patience or sympathy for stupidity and I would say I'm sorry for that but I'm not, and that's probably why you read my blog in the first place.

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