Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For Sale One Autographed Copy of Holy Bible

$1,000,000 Or High Bid

One nearly mint condition, autographed copy of the Holy Bible. This bad boy has been signed in person by the man himself, Jesus Christ. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that no true enthusiast should pass up. To my knowledge, the copy I have in my possession is the only autographed copy of the Holy Bible in existence today. I took my copy down with me to the antiques road show and they confirmed that it was in fact signed by Jesus himself sometime around 24 AD.

It is speculated that this particular copy was given as a gift to Judas Iscariot in what Judas described as "a lame attempt at winning back my favor after getting drunk and shagging my sister!" Judas threw the book into a dust bin on the way home and a homeless man bore witness to said event. This homeless man retrieved the signed bible, brushed it off and placed traded it for a chicken. Lost for years, nobody knew where the book went until Pope Innocent II found it during some renovations to the Popal living quarters in 1132. Nobody can explain how it got there... Miracle? I wouldn't rule it out folks!

The autographed bible stayed in the Popal residence for 219 years, until 1351 when it was stolen by pirates who raided the residence looking for a cure for the bubonic plague. When it was discovered that even this did not work it was buried along with several pounds of booty on a secluded section of the Florida coast in what was fortunate to be a water tight chest. A good friend of mine managed to find the chest of booty when he got drunk tripped over it. He's an atheist so he had no use for this bible and was going to put it in his yard sale when I snagged it.

This thing is in simply amazing condition and I hate to get rid of it but due to the economy I need the money to pay my bills or they are going to foreclose on my house. Please do not contact me if you are not serious. Information and bids should be left in my comments and I will screen them there as necessary. This is a more than fair price as this book was appraised at nearly three times what I'm asking. This is a freaking fire sale people.

Photos Will Only Be Provided Upon Request By Serious Bidders

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