Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fat Is Not A Disability

The American Medical Association has taken action to support doctors' ability to discuss obesity with their overweight patients. Under a new policy adopted Tuesday, the AMA formally opposes efforts by advocacy groups to define obesity as a disability.

Doctors fear using that definition makes them vulnerable under disability laws to lawsuits from obese patients who don't want their doctors to discuss their weight.

Really? You fat fucks? Really? From time to time I like to let the American people in on secrets. Guess what motherfuckers... IT'S SECRET TIME! Your inability to push your gigantic ass away from the dinner table... Your inability to steer your car away from the fast food drive through... Your inability to go the fuck outside and walk your huge ass, somewhere, anywhere to burn off some fat is not a disability! Mental weakness yes, disability no. Disability would imply that there's nothing you can do about it and there's plenty you can do about it. I really don't care to come home from work every day and spend an hour (or two some days) working out, busting my ass to keep just that from getting too big but I do it anyhow. I don't enjoy it, not as much as I would enjoy gorging myself on some fat filled culinary disaster several times a day. This is the truth!

Because I don't want to waddle everywhere I go though, I avoid the shitty food and I workout. Just because you're too mentally weak, or simply too lazy to do what is necessary to avoid growing into a giant lump of goo gives you no right to call your issue a disability or even worse receive special treatment or compensation for it. Grow the hell up and take responsibility for yourself. If you cannot manage this simple task you deserve to drop over dead from the heart disease that you (nobody else) have caused and perpetuated. If you disagree with me... well, fuck off. Some people may be more prone because of medical reasons, genetics, etc. but none of these things absolutely cause it or prevent you from fixing it. This is all the individual and no doctor who isn't a quack and/or otherwise (likely financially) invested in this can or will prove otherwise.

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LL said...

You are always free to take the fork OUT of your mouth - and you will loose weight. Pass on the Haagen Das or skip that third helping of bacon with the second stack of flapjacks covered with butter and syrup and it will all balance itself out.