Friday, July 17, 2009

Not Afraid of Needles Yet? You Will Be!

Every once in a while I see something that horrifies me on more than one level. Three out of five times that something was not specifically caused by Obama. One out of ten times that something wasn't directly inspired by the Democratic Left. This, is one of those times. I actually saw this news breaking on Friday and meant to write about it then but didn't manage it. I'll do it now.

In case you hadn't caught it yet. In Denver, Colorado, 6,000 patients may have been exposed to hepatitis C by a painkiller-addicted technician who had the disease and allegedly passed on dirty syringes to patients.

You may want to read that one more time.

The technician has been jailed, thousands of rattled patients have been getting hepatitis C tests. Ten cases of hepatitis C have been linked to Rose Medical Center, where Kristen Diane Parker worked until April.

During a police interview videotaped June 30 that was played in court Thursday, the 26-year-old Parker told a detective that she kept dirty saline-filled syringes in her pocket and watched for opportunities when doctors and nurses left the room. She then allegedly stole syringes filled with Fentanyl from operating carts and replaced them with the used syringes.

"I didn't want to make it obvious to everyone that I was using," the 26-year-old Parker told the detective in the interview, saying she stole between 15 and 20 syringes of Fentanyl. "I knew my limit."

Ohhhhh, 15 to 20 is the appropriate number? I was unaware, I am all the more enlightned now, thank you crack-whore hospital helper.

I can't help but wonder to myself, could this make a pretty damn sweet Kaplan University commercial?

She said she had a problem with painkillers in the past and she may have gotten hepatitis C when she used heroin last summer while living in New Jersey.

"She's going to take responsibility," Parker's attorney Gregory Graf said.

No, I beg to differ. With our legal system she won't be taking responsibility. Spending a year or two in jail is not taking responsibility for causing a lifetime of health problems and probably death to the people she infected.

A key point that could lead to more serious charges is whether she knew she was infected with hepatitis C.

She tested positive for the disease before starting her job at Rose in October, but she didn't follow up when told about it because she didn't have health insurance or money for a doctor and she got distracted with her new job.

Reasonable enough, who wouldn't get distracted from a disease like Hep C. It's not like it's a major disease that will kill your liver and you eventually. Any average person would just write that one off and forget about it. Doesn't that actually mean that she did in fact know that she was infected?

She also hospital officials didn't make it clear she tested positive.

Ohhhh, of course. I'm sorry miss crack-whore but your tests came back positive for Hepatitis C, apparently isn't clear enough. Again, I can see how one could mistake "You have Hepatitis C" for "you might not have Hepatitis C", it's a simple mistake. It's an even more simple mistake when having actually heard your results would make you even more liable for your own irresponsible and downright retarded actions.

Those infected with hepatitis C are not barred from working in health services, so long as standard precautions are taken, according to the CDC.

Here's a thought... maybe we should look into that little oversight of trust. We don't let child molesters care for children do we? We should probably consider not letting people who have life threatening diseases from careless use of needles play around with needles in the care of medical patients who I'm guessing, would prefer not contract diseases from the same careless actions. Just a thought.

"She knew she had hepatitis C, she's a health care worker and she understands how this disease is spread," said Pat Criscito, 56, an author and freelance writer from Monument south of Denver. She underwent back and hand surgery at Rose last fall and spent a sleepless night worrying about hepatitis C while she waited for her test results. Criscito said a positive result would have been meant certain death because years of arthritis treatment have severely weakened her immune system.

Yet I forsee the outcome being minor at best because we don't want to violate the "rights" of this self proclaimed "good person". Oh yes, she was on the news being interviewed while crying and saying she knows she's a good person and didn't intend for this to happen. I have a question. What the fuck did you expect to happen you fucking retard? I'm pretty confident that this is exactly the sort of thing that disqualifies one from "good person" status.

This woman should be receive a real punishment in my opinion and that doesn't mean a couple years in prison where she'll just spread it further. I vote for public crucifixion. I say we strip her down, nail her to a cross and plant that fucker in a public square in a nice sunny spot. We put a sign in front of her that says what she did, then we should give her a couple thousand paper-cuts, cover her with sugar, and set fire ants to work on her. If the ants and the sun don't get her quick enough we give her an iv so she stays alive long enough for them to get her before starvation or dehydration. A nice, solid example of people who do stupid shit like this is exactly what we need.


LL said...

The cross is a bit dramatic. I say fill her body cavities with honey and stake her out over a hill of fire ants. The result is the same, but the ants have skill sets far more adept than crows.

Dillinger737 said...

The cross probably is a bit dramatic but I like dramatic. Dramatic assists in making a very clear point, especially when it's that side of drama. I really was more concerned with the aspect of nailing her ass too it. I suppose she could be just as easily staked to the ground and it would allow easier access for the ants. This is why other points of view are always welcome.