Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sodding Little Cunt

Don't believe in abortion? Then bugger off you fucking wanker! This kid is absolute proof that abortion is a good idea and should be allowed up until age 18.


Police have described him as a ‘one-boy wave of terror’ and even his mother refers to him as the ‘Satan child’. Sonny Grainger is just 12, but he has already been expelled from three schools and terrorized neighbours on his council estate countless times. Now he has been named and shamed by magistrates, and told he will be locked up if he continues with his criminal behaviour.

But his long- suffering mother insists that he needs medical help rather than custody because he suffers from oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), which causes him to be hostile to authority figures.

Well... his mother is obviously a retard who should not be allowed near a penis ever again.

The little fucker has stolen cars, started fires, assaulted neighbours with bottles, eggs, stones and sticks and even smashed the windows in his own home after being told off for bad behaviour. He tends to sleep for only two hours a night and has tablets to sedate him in the evening. When the authorities recently imposed an anti-social behaviour order on him he broke it within two hours and was tagged as a result. He has been banned from seven streets on the estate, being in a group of at least five, carrying sticks, stones, matches or a cigarette lighter in public and is subjected to a strict curfew.

Police said ‘The boy does know the difference between right and wrong, and this asbo is a last-ditch attempt to change his behaviour.’

An ASBO is going to change his behavior? This coming from police that don't even carry fire arms does not surprise me. This is like saying that being nice to terrorists will cause them to change their ways and give up their pals.

Sonny’s mother is a single, jobless crack whore who has no business making children. Nadine West, 38, has three other children, said: ‘I have done everything in my power to rein him in, but he just does not listen to me.’

I've got a suggestion you fucking cunt, how about kicking that little twat right in his goddamn eye.

Miss West said she had reported Sonny to the police and carried out frantic late-night searches of the estate with friends and relatives when he disappeared. She said the pattern of bad behaviour began at the age of seven. Sonny has even been suspended from the special behavioural unit he now attends instead of mainstream school. ‘I am not saying I have not received help – I just don’t think I have received the right help. I will not give up on him. I love him. 'I want him to get the right help, so people can see the loving, caring Sonny, who cooks food for his little brother and sister and makes his mum a cup of tea.’

You sorry sack of shit, if you want him to get the right help, get a fucking job and pay for it. What that little cunt needs is a right good kicking. I mean beat the fuck down within an inch of his life and then kicked in the teeth one more time. Every time he acts like a fuckup he should get the fuckall kicked out of him. If that shit doesn't work he should be made to disappear permanent-like. Why the hell does society insist on keeping these people around and trying to fix the unfixable. What a waste of money.

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