Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Racism Everywhere, She's Racist, He's Racist, We're All Racist

So we all remember last week, or two weeks ago, this woman who called the police in Cambridge Massachusetts because it appeared that somebody was breaking into a neighbor's house. This is not that article but it does give you a little story about which I'm am about to pitch my bitch.

Licia Whalen was out walking to lunch in a black Harvard professor's Cambridge neighborhood near the University when an elderly woman without a cell phone stopped her because she was concerned there was a possible burglary in progress. The woman who dialed 911 to report a possible break-in at the home of black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. It turned out to be the professor himself with his driver trying to get in because he had misplaced or his key didn't work or something. The cops were racist the caller was racist, everybody was racist. I wish I didn't live in a country where every single white person is racist but that is the sad truth. There is not a single white non-racist person in the United States, that's a fact!

Whalen (who is actually hispanic) was vilified as a racist on blogs after a police report said she described the possible burglars as "two black males with backpacks." Tapes of the call released earlier this week revealed that Whalen did not mention race. When pressed by a dispatcher on whether the men were white, black or Hispanic, she said one of them might have been Hispanic.

So, anyhow, police show up, question said black men. One of said black men becomes angry and belligerent, said police ask for ID, said black man produces ID but continues being a douchebag, said police arrest his ass for disorderly conduct, said police get called racist AGAIN! The arrest by a white police officer sparks a national debate over racial profiling and police conduct. President Obama says the police acted "stupidly". They did, they should know better than to arrest a black man for anything if they're white. He could have actually murdered somebody in front of them and if he's arrested by a white officer they're racist in this country.

Let me tell you what happens if I'm standing outside my home and the cops come to question me about something and I decide that since it's my home, I am entitled to do whatever the fuck I want regardless of what they want. They will kick the shit out of me, handcuff me, possibly taze me, and take my ass to jail, just like they did to Gates. Want to guess what color I am? I'll give you one guess, it's not black, it's not hispanic. If you call me white I'm smearing your name all over for racial discrimination because I'm Irish-American and I find "white" highly offensive.

I know there are racist cops out there somewhere. I know there are a lot of non-racist but simply moronic cops out there. There are plenty of morons with low IQ's, a badge, and an inferiority complex to attempt to make up for. There are also a lot of good cops who do their jobs as best they can. It's not that you're black it's that you were acting like a fucking asshole. It's also not that any person giving the description of black, or African American or whatever it be is racist, it's that this is pertinent fucking information. Whether a person is black or white or Hispanic makes a big motherfucking difference you whiny racism screaming assholes! That's like saying I can't tell you the color of the get-away car because I only see cars not colors. That's fucking super, then rejoice in the fact that nobody will ever get caught for any crimes they commit.

Once again, the most racist people in this country today, are usually the assholes that are presenting the race card in the first place and they should simply be ignored. Unfortunately for us, the media is full of retards and other various self-serving assholes and perpetuating the "racism" issue is always a good way to make some money.



LL said...

I won't disclose my race, but I guess I'm Swiss-American.

Please send me directions on how I can get my own race card. I would prefer to go to the head of the line at grocery stores - because all the bastards in line are clearly racists because they don't defer to me. I'd also like preferential seating at sports events because all the racists seem to get the best seats. The list is endless and explains why I need a RACE CARD.

Thanks for your indulgence in this matter.

Dillinger737 said...

Always happy to add my opinion on things! Indeed, I'm still waiting for approval on my race card. Apparently the shitty treatment of the Irish in early America just doesn't count. I guess overcoming it and becoming productive citizens instead of bitching, whining, and using it as a crutch was not the most beneficial method. Had our grandparents taught us to feel entitled, not try at anything, complain, and expect "reparations" for something we never actually experienced ourselves then we'd be set. We'd get preferential treatment for jobs we aren't qualified for, we'd get to change what they're allowed to call us every couple of years. I could call my friend a Mic bastard and tell others they can't use it, only Irishmen can. I could speak in unintelligible English and drop out of high school and then complain they won't hire me as CEO because they're racist. I could have 19 kids by 19 different women and get bigger and bigger welfare checks and nobody could say anything. Oh what a grand time it would be.

LL said...

I don't feel entitled at the moment, but I'm sincerely willing to learn. When I receive my race card, I promise to turn into a howling, unruly asshole. I'm thinking that we should cut out the government middle man and Dillinger737 could simply mail (or better still, wire) his paycheck to me. I don't have my race card yet, but I'm feeling picked on, the walls are closing in on me. I could take his paycheck and buy me a screw-top short-dog down at the liquor store and it would make me feel so much better.

I would also like Dillinger737 to buy a Cadillac for me. I'm not a fan of Cadillacs but I like the way it sounds. FREE CADILLAC