Friday, July 10, 2009

Islamization of Britain

And on an only slight deviation of my previous point. Though I strongly believe that Pat Robertson is a nutter himself, this is a very good video pointing out a very real problem.

I disagree that it's got even the slightest hint of anything to do with Britain's leaving Christianity. This has got to do with a generation of people who care more about political correctness and not offending somebody more than they care about the freedoms their grandfathers fought and in many cases died for. It does not require Christianity to stand up to radical Islam taking over our society, it takes a sense of what freedom really is and the balls to stand up for it. Wake up people and get a grasp on reality! Yeah yeah, I know, we're American and that's over there, it won't happen here. I assure you that they're first, we are next.

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Josh said...

Very good point. I try very hard to hate someone due to religion, but most muslims are just too extremist. And extremism is the truest evil in the world. What happens to England, will happen to America.