Sunday, October 11, 2009

Awe, Poor Muslims, We're So Very Racist

Oh... you know what New York City Muslims? I'm so, so sorry that we are inconveniencing you and making you not want to go to mosque to worship your god and your pedophile prophet. I'm so very, very sorry. Do you know what inconveniences my day? Shit blowing the fuck up when I'm trying to ride to work on it inconfuckingveniences my day! Until your people, and your people alone (MUSLIMS) stop getting caught by this "profiling" building bombs and making plans to hurt people or destroy things, you can just fuck the fuck off and learn to deal with it. No other group, not a single one in this country is trying to do this sort of shit, you are the only ones. If you would like to be left alone then start finding them amongst you and turning them in, until then, I hope your lives are as inconvenient as humanly possible.

If we have to do a daily apartment and body cavity search on every Muslim man woman and child to stop a bomb from going off in a public place then I'm good with that. I am willing to make you a bet Muslims, I bet if we did total and all-encompassing searches everywhere in the United States with all groups included, aside from a random nutter here and there 99% of those caught would be Muslims. I think that warrants a 99% rate of targeting Muslims in searches don't you? In fact, I would be willing to voluntarily participate to prove this point if I thought that when they proved it was all Muslims that anything would be done about it. I bet things would be far more convenient living in a mud hut in Afghanistan and there you'll be free to do as you please so why don't you just get the hell out of here if you don't like our methods.

P.S. Once Again! Islam is not a race! Islam is a religion, a religion you chose, you have a choice. If you actually took the time to learn something useful about the world (like for example, History *real, actual history*) or anything besides what your book of stolen fairy tales (from the Old Testament and Torah mostly) says, then maybe at least when you whine about unwarranted things you wouldn't sound like morons. One last thing, until you collectively stop spewing your vile hatred about the Jews (and I'm not even Jewish) why should anybody feel sorry for you?

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Anonymous said...

Stop trying to confuse these evil assholes with the truth. They know exactly what they're doing and where they're going!