Thursday, October 15, 2009

Welcome To The Islamic Republic of Sweden

Time and again, article after article, book after book, Sweden returns in the center of my radar. An elderly Swedish woman was recently beaten by young "cultural enrichers."

A newspaper in the Swedish town Gävle, some seventy kilometres north of Uppsala published this story originally. Apparently the area has a bad reputation, and people want to leave, but not all of them can afford to.

Birgitta sits at the kitchen table and looks outside at the children playing. Her arms are covered with bruises and her nose and lip are injured. Last Tuesday she was brutally beaten up outside her home in Andersberg.

This past Tuesday Birgitta was invited for wine and food with friends in the area. She herself says that she was a little tipsy, but not drunk. At eight-thirty she went to walk her old dog and at the same time to buy ice cream at Time.

“The dog walked loose at a distance, since I saw no one [there is a law against loose dogs in Sweden]. Suddenly two guys appeared at the health center.”

Birgitta says the men were about thirty to forty, and of foreign origin. They asked if she had any cigarettes, but Birgitta said she had none.

“‘You f***ing whore,’ said one of them and then the blow came. I don’t know if I said something.”

Birgitta fell to the ground; the men searched her for money and cigarettes. The dog realized that something had happened. Birgitta began calling for help and one of the men kicked her hard on one knee before they disappeared. The blood was pouring out and someone called the ambulance.

Birgitta thought that her nose bone was broken, but she got away with cuts to her nose, a swollen knee, bruises on her lip, sore teeth, a large bruise on her thigh, a small cut on her hand, and bruises on both arms.

But even if the physical wound will heal, what is worse is the terror of the soul.

“Where shall I go?” she asks.

She does not dare to stay on in Andersberg, even though she has installed an alarm.

No respect was shown to Birgitta for being a woman and a senior citizen. On the contrary, she was brutally assaulted and called a whore. Birgitta’s arms and legs have large black and blue bruises after the assault.

The blood flowed, though Birgitta’s nose bone was not broken after the blow to her face. But as the physical wounds heal, the psychological wounds are worse.

A neighbor has been supporting Birgitta. Both relate stories about stairs being peed in, trash strewn around, and broken storage doors. They are in an agreement that Andersberg has bit by bit deteriorated.

Birgitta actually has another name. She does not want to show her face in a photo or have her name in the paper.

“Then they might kill me,” she says and shrinks back into herself a little.

Allow me to translate... Cultural Enricher = Islamic Youth.

This is becoming a trend apparently. The land of Ice and Snow has been set upon by extreme amounts of peace from the religion of peace. People of Swedish background are literally fleeing their homes to escape violence perpetrated by immigrants.

Allow me to translate... Immigrant = Islamic Persons

Leaving one's home to escape violence perpetrated by invaders... sounds interestingly and very historically familiar.

If the same actions were carried out against Muslims, even in a country in which they weren't native it would be labeled racism would it not? Would not the world hammer down on that country for allowing it?

This also seems to be a trend in "multiculturism" and these thugs are to be celebrated as adding to our enrichment.

Welcome to the future where the victimizer claims victim status and continues to grow like cancer, destroying the native culture and expanding their own violent and ignorant ways. Our... and by our, I mean the West... ways of pushing multi-culti bullshit are going to be our downfall. Islam doesn't want multiculturalism and to intermingle with us. Islam wants to move into our countries, separate from us, grow, and eventually destroy us. If you don't think so... read some books, not that shit you see in the news, you are part of the problem.

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