Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Islam Receives Pedo Bear Seal of Approval

I would like to be the first to congratulate the great and peaceful religion of Islam on receiving this prestigious award.


The Pedo Bear Seal of Approval has been awarded to the peaceful religion of Islam for it's dedication and selfless persistence in "hands on" child sex education.



In Islam, no child grows up without being taught about love and sexual relations... Prophet Muhammad style.



Anonymous said...


Abdurahman Yusuf said...

hey kafir, islam not such a bad religion as what as media said! some bad guys in islam couldnt made islam as bad religion! in christ, jews, or whatever is that, there will be always some bad guys who make their religion seems like bad! so shut the fuck up and just do what your god orders you to do! one more last thing, our prophet mohammed is the one who marry a little girl without touchng her! she's still virgin! our prophet were told the muslim to not sleep together with the non muhrim! it's meant, muslim arent able to had sex without married with an adult woman!