Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Union... Defenition of Uselessness

Consider this an open letter to the union. The particular union I will not mention specifically, instead I will direct this more generally, mostly to protect the company. If you are easily offended now would be the time to stop reading and leave because I have some venom that I'm about to spit.

There are few organizations in this country that are lower and more despicable than the many of the unions that are still going. Little better than the mafia but even less useful. At one time the union was a good thing in this country and actually protected workers who deserved protecting. Now the union is just a leach that is sucking even more of the final drops of blood from the corpse of our economy and it should have the final stake driven through it's heart.

People are losing their jobs and their homes and their lives to this decimated economy, these greedy sons-of-bitches are standing out front of a business refusing to do the job that the ungrateful bastards should be thanking their lucky stars they even have.

Carrying semi-illiterate signs and marching like a group of cockroaches in front of the parking lot to keep people out, these idiots are a massive part of the reason more and more businesses can't make a competitive go of things within the borders of our own country. I have been witness to actual bragging of union employees about how little they actually do. These are the scabs and they should be torn off and discarded. They rejected a recent offer of a new contract because what they are getting simply isn't good enough for them when hundreds of thousands would give anything to have what they have.

"We have (I'll just say several) employees that are laid off from the plant, and the present contract takes some of the benefits that those people would be entitled to away," a spokesman said.

"These are union brothers who paid union dues who got laid off because of the economic downturn, and now the company wants to take away from those (several) individuals under difficult circumstances," the useless jackass continued.

That is a shame that people got laid off, it truly is. The fact of the matter is that it's only a few people and when other companies are closing their doors because they can't get by and laying off hundreds, several people isn't so bad. How the hell do you expect a company to keep paying workers that they don't have work for. The purpose of laying off is to try to cut costs so they don't have to close and get rid of everybody! I feel for the small number of people laid off, I truly do. The ones that I hate are the idiots who still have jobs and are actively participating in attempting to bite off the hand that's feeding them.

"Everybody here is in agreement that something needs to be done," he said. "We're just making a stand."

The spokesjackass said the union is willing to sit down with company officials to settle the matter.

In other words, they're willing to come back to work if the company will continue supporting workers that it cannot afford to support, to give more holidays, and more money to everybody all the while requiring less work for the compensation.

Stupid said the strike has nothing to do with the economy.

Obviously not because anybody with a brain would look at the economy and think "thank god I still have a job and can still make a livelihood for myself."

Today I got the privilege of crossing the picket lines of this particular union to train "scabs" which in union terms is a perceived put-down aimed toward productive individuals who just want to work. Several people were brought in far from their homes and their families to live in hotels and to do a job that these overgrown, spoiled, children are refusing to do. These people want nothing more than to work, to earn a living for themselves, and to get by in very tough times and they're being called scabs. They endured threats and put-downs trying to achieve these goals.

These "scabs" gratefully sat and listened to my presentation for nearly 7 hours. There was not a complaint, they stayed awake, they did not interrupt, and they didn't get up and leave because something ran 1 minute over the projected schedule. None of these things can I say for the group they replaced. The group they replaced bitches constantly, won't shut the hell up and listen, they're too good for it every single time, and if you impinge on one of their 18 breaks during the day they throw a shit-fit even if the time will still be given to them on the backside of that break.

I have nothing but respect for these "scabs," I wish them the very best and I am so very happy for them that they were given the opportunity to work. I sincerely wish the exact opposite on the strikers, I hope their "stand" will cost every one of them to lose their fucking job and starve to goddamn death. In a time where nearly 1 out of 10 Americans is out of work, the balls it takes to be such a festering cunt as each of these fools who agree with this strike are, is simply fucking staggering.

I must admit that when they stopped me as I tried to cross the line and called me a scab, it was all I could do to not get out and kick the living piss out of as many as I could manage to take on. Let me tell you filthy useless twats something. I have a job to do and I'm going to do it. The company called me because they needed people working to make money to keep afloat. When I get a call I don't have the luxury of deciding if it's a just fucking cause. I don't have a union to back me up if I choose to be a lazy cunt and not do my job. I'm simply doing what my company pays me to do and if that doesn't suit your greedy-ass purposes you can simply fuck the fuck off!

One of the guys actually walked up to my stopped car and put his knees on my bumper and said that I needed to back up because I hit him and he was going to call the police. To this guy I say, you have no idea my amigo, just how the fuck close you came to getting your stupid ass run the fuck over like the insignificant speed-bump that you are. To the "security guard" paul blart who told me to back up and wait, you're lucky that when you started on me too and I said "and just who the fuck are you Opie" that you diverted your eyes and shut the hell up. You little piss-ant, you don't even have the balls to look me in the eyes and you're probably lucky you don't because I was about to have you for dinner, I'm not sure you didn't piss yourself... did you? To the one guy who actually said please, you probably saved everybody from having to listen to the fury that I was about to unleash on you all.

Standing in front of my car and telling me I don't know as much as I think I know? Are you fucking serious? This is supposed to gain support for your misguided cause? I didn't like the union to begin with but you really helped to cement my hatred of your group and your cause. May you all rot in unemployment, may you all suffer like you deserve. I hope you lose your homes, I hope you feel what so many others are feeling and I hope as you suffer you have nothing but time to reflect on what you had and what you willingly gave up in your greedy bid to get more for less in a time when more simply isn't available to give.

The union is going to be the death of this country or at least several more nails in the coffin. A trained monkey could do many of the jobs that people are making $30 and $40 an hour to do. Do you fucking idiots actually think you're worth this much? I can tell you honestly that you aren't. I've worked on construction jobs where union operators are paid literally right within that range to actually operate a vehicle for an average of 2 hours in an 8 hour shift. The remainder of the time is spend drinking coffee, bullshitting, playing cards, reading magazines, and generally fucking off. Just how the hell is this justified? I've seen people doing nothing at all refuse to do a job that needed done when they had the skills and the time to do it, simply because it was "not my job."

I've watched time and again as union employees start preparing for a one of their multiple 15 minute breaks 15 minutes ahead of time and then return 10 minutes late. I've watched them head toward the time clock at the end of the day where they linger and "get ready to go home" a half hour ahead of quitting time. I've seen them park their lazy ass in a chair and push a button once an hour for the 6 hours they actually "work" and do nothing else. I've seen useless and incompetent employees stay at work and on the payroll simply because the union condones it and the company is mostly helpless. You're being payed to work so just shut the fuck up and do what you're told or expect somebody else to come in who is willing to do the job asked of them for that pay. Unfuckingbelievable.



Anonymous said...

Unions are the shepherds who will lead the workers of America right off a cliff.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Keep up the good fight!

Dillinger said...

Nickie, it's true, and the sheeple follow along singing it's praises. Mostly I think because many are slightly retarded and all it takes to buy their allegiance is a couple stickers for their hardhat, and maybe a t shirt now and then.

WomanHonorThyself, thank you, I shall do my best.