Monday, October 12, 2009

Medical Field Would Be Laughable If Not Dangerous

This shit needs to stop like yesterday! Some of you may remember this one from a while back.

Police are looking into possible criminal charges against a nurse at a South Florida hospital where officials say she may have exposed more than 1,800 patients to HIV and hepatitis by reusing medical supplies.

Officials at Broward General Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale said earlier this week the hospital discovered that Qui Lan, 59, was reusing IV tubing and saline bags during cardiac chemical stress tests.

The hospital's infectious diseases medical director, said the chances of infection are low, but it can't be ruled out.

Citing privacy laws, hospital CEO James Thaw wouldn't say whether any patients have come forward with infections. He said officials were still evaluating any potential legal action against Lan.

The legal action should be that she be beaten about the head and neck with a tube sock filled with wood screws. Don't even try to tell me that's too harsh either. In the medical profession you are literally trusted with people's lives. I realize that accidents happen from time to time and that's something different. Purposefully neglecting precautions for the safety of the public because you fucking feel like it is something totally different.

Lan's lawyer, Allison Gilman, told The Associated Press her client has been a nurse for 37 years and had no prior disciplinary actions.

Judging by her name, I'm questioning where exactly she has been nursing. Nursing standards in SOME countries are not up to OUR standards and if for example she was not disciplined in China, for the same offense, would anybody be surprised?

An internal investigation, and within about a week, found the allegations against Lan to be true. Her brilliant lawyer stated, "Right now, we don't feel like she did anything wrong." She declined to comment on whether the hospital's allegations about repeated use of the equipment were true.

Hospital officials said the nurse was suspended on Sept. 8, and resigned the next day. Alice Taylor, the hospital's chief operating officer, said Lan did not give officials an explanation why she had been reusing the materials.

Everybody knows that people who didn't do anything wrong always resign and refuse to give information.

Makes perfect sense, the hospital investigates and proves it, lawyer knows this and still doesn't see a problem with it. I'm guessing that has something to do with a couple thousand dollars in retainer fees and hundreds more an hour. Didn't do anything wrong? Fucking idiots. We know one person who didn't get tests done with the dirty material.

The hospital this dumbass worked at has sent letters to the 1,851 patients she handled between January 2004 and early September, recommending they get tested for HIV and hepatitis at the hospital's expense.

Our medical profession is a goddamn joke. Going to the hospital literally frightens me, not because of needles or what they might find, but what the lazy fuckers didn't clean and therefor what disease I might contract because of people who's job it is to keep me healthy. This is under private care where there is actually incentive. Imagine if this shit were government run. You'd get a free case of the HIV with every trip to the hospital. We need to start holding these people to a higher standard and we need to start actually pressing criminal charges against retards like this nurse who purposefully break rules that can kill people. Apparently these degrees need to be harder to obtain because there's too much stupid in the profession.

Another very similar case (not properly sterilized medical equipment being used) just recently happened at UPMC Medical Center near me.

I think I'm better off chancing something sneaking up on me than going anywhere near a hospital for a checkup.

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