Thursday, October 29, 2009

So Peaceful, So Moderate, Muslims Calmly Protest Geert Wilders

The "Moose Limbs" have something to say. I am going to allow you to see it because who am I to silence such brilliant speakers.

Mooselimbs in every corner of the earth there are! ... I'm sure we could fix that... Oh that's not nice of me, I certainly don't mean that. *wink*

Let me sum up the first guy. "When we threaten your freedoms in the name of Allah and you speak of protecting those freedoms against Islam, this is an insult to Islam. Don't insult Islam because if you do we'll kill you. You aren't free if we threaten to kill you because you have to hide from violent intolerant Muslims so it's best to just give in to us."

Guy number 2. This guy is obviously the definition of peaceful. So tolerant, so moderate, he is to be an example to us all. Look at the Brits standing there being good dhimmis. I'm so proud I could weep. Once the Brits viciously fought Americans for control of American lives and American land, now they won't even fight Muslims for control of their own British lives or British land. Pussies... You take that that Muslim cock in your ass you naughty Britain, you take that cock... and never-you-mind that it smells of billy-goat ass.

I especially love when the group joins in with a Conquer dirka dirka prophet dirka dirka teach the dogs dirka dirka conquer dirka dirka dominate dirka dirka Allaaaahhhu Akbar dirka dirka.

The mooselimbs aren't going to stand for Brits speaking freely in Britain! I agree, sometimes I like to go into my neighbors houses uninvited and sit down at their dinner table and eat dinner at their expense. While I fatten myself on their food for free I like to bitch incessantly about how terrible it is and how much I hate it while I give orders to them about what conversations they can and cannot have in my presence because I am always right. I base these choices on my third grade education and my favorite book of compiled fairy tales and because people told me this book is truth it simply cannot be wrong.

The last guy is best, in between his conquer and dirka speech he throws in "and ummm" dirka "aand uuhh, and uuhhh." Toastmasters my filthy, shit-reaking, goat-fucking, bearded amigo, toastmasters. How are you supposed to convince us you mean business if you can't sound any smarter than an imbred and slovenly version of a sasquatch with a speech impediment? You want 2 minutes with Wilders? Just you, 200 other mooselimbs, and Wilders? Very fair... very fair. I have a proposition, how about you give me 2 minutes, just you, and I, 2 minutes, nobody else, no rules, no consequences. We'll see if Allah can help you. No, that's simply not nice of me and I don't mean that. *wink*

I actually, totally agree, these mooslimbs are so articulate that I simply cannot disagree. How can you find fault in the argument that: "We will kill you if you don't do what we tell you! We are the victims and we are oppressed by you! If you don't believe us we will kill you! Give us special treatment for the tears we shed over our oppression! If you don't we will kill you! Let us move into your country take over every aspect of your way of life or we will continue to be oppressed victims who bully you by protesting, rioting, calling you racist and threatening to conquer and/or kill you!"

All I have to say is C'mon Brits, grow a pair and tell these fuckers to shut the fuck up or get lost! You guys were once bad-ass, you can be again. Oh, that's not nice, I don't mean that. Wait, yes I do, I lied, but it's alright to lie to the enemy for betterment of my cause, it says so in the Qur'an!

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Anonymous said...

Lefties are not put off by the vile claims of Muslims because most are too delicate to even listen to them.

Nice post!