Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Don't Piss Off The Book... Or On It

Making sense of the news of the world. A fight in an Oslo (Norway) suburb went to court. You'll understand why when I tell you what it was about. I'm actually rather surprised at the outcome.

A Muslim girl must to pay 10,000 kroner in fines and 1,500 in court costs for having hit a fellow student for something she said.

Do I actually need to tell you what she said? I mean the overall point of her statement, whatever it was? Probably not, but I will.

All of it is alleged, it's not clear what anybody actually said but it went something like this.

The Muslim girl was eating with a friend in the classroom. The other girl supposedly turned and said "I will piss on the Koran". In court the other girl denied she'd said that, and that she had said that if it had been a graduation celebration prank-assignment to piss on the Koran, she would have done it.

The two disagree on what happened next as well. The non-Muslim girl says that the Muslim girl said "I will piss on the Bible". I personally would have told her to have a right hearty go of it if it makes her little crusty black Muslim heart happy.

The Muslim girl denies that and says she answered "It's not allowed to say something like that - it's a holy book". Later she admitted to the court that she said "I'll piss on you."

After recess that two went into the classroom. At the end of class the teacher noticed that the Muslim girl was crying. A teacher heard the story, decided to let the kids be kids and make nothing more of it. After the class, the Muslim girl made Jihad on the other girl's face.

The court didn't get a clear answer on how many punches there were and whether it was with a fist or not. The victim got a red mark on her cheek. I really don't see a problem with this to be honest. When I was a kid and we had a disagreement we just kicked the shit out of one another as well and that solved it. At least nobody got stabbed or shot.

The Follo court says that the Muslim girl saw the statement about pissing on the Koran as both insulting and hurtful, but that the statement couldn't be considered defamation. Therefore, the girl's anger can't be justified by the law.

The Muslim student will not appeal the decision, but she thinks it's unjust. This is what I actually find to be quite hilarious. I find it incredibly entertaining that somebody can be so brainwashed, simple, or generally stupid to think that it is unjust to say something objectionable about a book. It's a book, just a book, maybe if you chose another religion your life wouldn't suck so goddamn bad that you have to fight to defend a book.

"Regardless of which county I was in, I wouldn't have done anything of what she did. I don't want somebody saying 'I will piss on the Koran'. When we read in the Koran, we wash our hands and cover parts of the body before we take the book, since it's a holy book. I have nothing against the Bible. I said that I respect her. Please resepct me," says the girl.

She thinks she did nothing wrong. "I didn't hit so hard, but so that she'll learn a lesson. I had warned her several times. I've lived in Norway for six years, I have never done anything wrong and followed all the laws in the country. But when somebody says they will piss on the Koran, I will hit," she says. She doesn't blame her 18-year old fellow student. "It isn't her fault, but (rather) her parents who should have raised her properly.

By "raised her properly" I'll assume that means that properly means Islamic. They should have raised her to be a religious zealot who is afraid of pigs, dogs, female body parts, and angering a book. Holy book? So the book itself, that was mass produced on a printing press is holy? Was it God's printing press? Allah Publishing Incorporated? Just because there are half baked ideas (that you feel are special "holy") contained in a book doesn't make that book itself special or holy. It's really a rather stupid reason to hit somebody. I won't condemn the Muslim girl specifically for hitting the other girl. I believe in standing up for your ideals. I just happen to disagree with her ideals. The other girl said it and she should have expected that reaction. I personally would have said it expecting that reaction and then when I got hit I would have pounded the other individual into a bloody pulp. I'm not really an incredibly nice person though. In fact, I'll say shit that I don't mean and isn't true simply because I know it's petty and it might offend somebody's retarded sensibilities. For example... When I read the Koran I like to get naked and sit with my balls on the page, it helps me to feel one with the prophet. I keep my copy of the Koran right where it belongs, near the holy loo so I can easily grab it when it's time for wipeys. Eh, whatever.


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Teresa said...

Personally, I think the entire book needs to be thrwon in the crapper. I might even like to use it for toilet paper. This book has been changed over time to fit the jihadists agenda of killing, so I don't think there's anything holy about it now. Not that I have any problem with defense, or duking it out but I just think the Muslim girl was stupid for getting upset over a book.