Thursday, October 8, 2009

Congratulations, I Still Hate California

El Ciudad Oakland (you like what I did there... get it?) will pay $1.2 million to settle a lawsuit filed by a burglary suspect who was left a paraplegic after being shot by a police officer.

Charles Davis Jr. was suspected of burglarizing a church in 2007 when he was shot by the Oakland officer. Though Davis was unarmed, the officer said he mistook items that Davis was carrying from the church for a gun.

This is a good mark to set. Make police officers afraid to do their job. Of course there has to be some restraint but we're going to create hesitation and hesitation is going to create a lot of dead police officers. Eventually it could even lead to a lack of qualified police officers just like we already have created a lack of qualified teachers by taking the power away from them. This is not only stupid but it's dangerous.

Rick Simons, Davis' attorney, says the money will be used the help the 49-year-old Davis with the "basic needs" of living as a paraplegic.

His only basic need is to sit the hell in his chair and not be so damn stupid. I sincerely hope that Mr. Davis suffers physically and mentally in an excruciating manner on a daily basis. $1.5 million to a fucking burglary suspect... what a goddamn joke. When you choose to break in someplace and steal somebody else's shit, it should be a risk considered inherent to the work. If you choose to break in anyhow you have accepted the risk and nullified any liability besides your own. On top of him being paralyzed he should get a ferocious kick to the skull and a hearty shove down a very long and very steep hill toward the dirty bay or at least toward oncoming traffic. Morons... and it's taxpayer funded I'm quite sure.

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Teresa said...

WTF?!? OMG,He's a burglar, doing something illegal, and disobeying the officers orders. He deserves his comuppance. He should feel lucky that he's even alive after pulling that crap. The police don't owe hima damn thing. He's getting rewarded for acting stupidly and wrong. That's just oh so wrong. That's what's wrong with our society and liberals nowadays, they like to reward people for bad behavior.