Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Clerics Hate Sexiness

A protest by Muslim clerics in Lebanon stopped a Brazilian samba show in the city of Tire recently.

The clerics condemned the show as obscene and plans for the open-air display by a dance troupe were axed.

"We support tourism but are against obscenity," said Sheikh Ali Yassin, who heads a group of clerics in the predominantly Shi'ite Muslim city.

I'm calling for the most reasonable course of action here. I want all Muslim clerics castrated... nuetered if you prefer. It's the only logical step. They aren't using the tackle anyhow, except to sodomize goats and small boys so why let it rot. The cleric junk could be used for transplants after accidents and gender reassignment surgery or something. If that doesn't work it could be ground up into hotdogs to feed starving Africans that we waste so much money feeding. There is, of course, another up-side, without the testicles, these overzealous, lady-parts hating, fleabags would be much less aggressive. It is a no lose situation. I'm implore you, give your local cleric the snippity snip today.


Opus #6 said...

That is an idea.

Anonymous said...

The greatest insult is to laugh at, and ignore, them. But weak governments everywhere are being bullied. How tragic this is!

AndrewPrice said...

Good solution! I'd even pay more in taxes to implement it.