Thursday, October 8, 2009

Muslims... What Goes Around Comes Around

I grabbed this latest piece of work over at Europe News.

MUSLIM families whose relatives had their graves vandalised in an apparently racist attack have branded the culprits ‘animals’.

Chorlton residents and anti-fascist campaigners joined Muslim families outside Southern Cemetery to protest against racism following the incident on Thursday, October 1.

Around 20 graves in the Muslim section of Southern Cemetery were pushed over and broken in an attack the police are treating as a racist hate crime. Campaigners waved placards denouncing the vandalism while passing motorists beeped their support for the 50-strong group.

Habib Dar, from Stockport, joined the protest with his son and nephew after finding his father’s marble headstone had been ripped from its metal base.

Racist is it? As usual though the Muslim community feels they can allow or at least stand by quietly while "radicals" from their faith do whatever they want then scream racist when they get the same treatment back. Some of you may have seen this particular incident either here or in the news otherwise.

There is also this one that I grabbed over at Rantin Rab. A Christian cemetary being desecrated in order to clear the land for a mosque car park.

I address this to the Muslim community as a whole. You daft wankers, you've got one hell of a set of balls to cry foul about anything at all, let alone this. I'm quite sure this much more accurately qualifies as retaliation and not racism. You reap what you sew shit-heads, you reap what you sew. Maybe you should stand up and condemn the same actions of your own people if you want anybody to feel sorry for you (anybody intelligent that is).

Sadly, this is absolutely par for the course when it comes to the media. Muslims poke and jab at the dog with a stick and when it bites they scream and rant that they want it put down and the dhimmis in the media fall right in line. Oh, and by the way, did it ever occur to anybody that Muslims are not a fucking race?! Islam is a religion, a violent and intolerant religion.

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Poking the dog with a stick?? Poetry. Pure poetry.